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Private Coaching & Consulting of High-Performance Players

Personalised coaching and training for players looking to maximise their potential.

Individual training is for all levels, children and adults and from beginners to high performance.

Nadia Petrova

Nadia Petrova

Individual Training – All Levels

For children and adults, and from beginners to high performance.

Children’s age range groups:

  • Group – ages 5-6 years
  • Group – ages 7-8 years
  • Group – ages 9-10 years
  • Group – ages 11-12 years
  • Group – ages 13-14 years
  • Group – ages 15-16 years
  • Group – ages 17-18 years

Semi-Private Lessons – All Levels

Personalised coaching and training for players in semi-private groups of only  2 people, this training is for all levels.

Group Lessons – All Levels

Group lessons for children and adults, with up to 4 people in the group. All levels catered for – beginners, intermediate,  and advanced.

Mini Tennis

Tennis for children.

Fun Tennis Lessons – All Ages and Levels

Fun tennis lessons for children and adults. The lessons combine a physical work out with an introduction to basic tennis techniques. Groups of up to 20 people.

  • Ladies tennis clinics (mornings) – groups: 4 to 6 people

Events – Fun Tennis

Fun tennis events for up to twenty people, for children and parents.

Tennis Fitness

Specific and general tennis fitness, with personalised workout programmes.